Who We Are

SCOTT N. GELFAND, P.A. is a full-service boutique litigation firm which, for the past 23 years, has specialized in mold personal injury and property litigation. We have developed what we believe to be the largest mold litigation practice in Florida. Since all we do is mold cases, we can safely say that we have seen it all. For us, there are no new cases, only new faces. We have fine-tuned our prosecution and defense in mold cases to razor sharpness and use the same blueprint in every case.

SCOTT N. GELFAND, P.A. has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of Plaintiffs in mold litigation and prevented millions of dollars from being recovered on behalf of Defendants in mold cases. We have never failed to either obtain a monetary verdict or settlement recovery on behalf of a Plaintiff in a completed mold personal injury case.

What We Do

To be a mold lawyer requires mastery of 6 different professional sciences — 1) building science/engineering, 2) industrial hygiene/environmental assessment; 3) medical diagnosis, 4) remediation, 5) microbiology, and 6) life care planning. Mold law is so science-dependent that these cases are too dangerous for most attorneys without specialized mold experience to handle. It is equally critical to have the right expert witness on your side, and we have developed relationships with the best mold experts in the Country.

A mold attorney can also serve an analytic or even prophylactic function, by providing contract drafting and review such as exculpatory clauses, disclosure language, ceiling clauses pertaining to scientific thresholds, policy guidelines for addressing mold exposure complaints, and handling routine maintenance, mold inspection, and mold recognition.

How We Do It

We solve our clients’ most serious controversies by acting aggressively, creatively, and decisively to advance each client’s cause in a cost-effective manner. We apply this philosophy to represent an array of clients from individuals to corporations. It is this precise, out-of-the-box thinking that has become the hallmark of our mold litigation practice and, we submit, has garnered the respect of judges as well as our peers.

While trying cases is our passion, always, we are pragmatists. If it is in our clients’ best interests to settle a case, we recommend settlement. If it is in our clients’ best interests to take a case to trial, we stand ready to do so. We believe that hard work and thorough preparation afford our clients choices.

Scott N. Gelfand, P.A. is a full-service boutique litigation firm centrally located in Coral Springs, Florida. We represent South Florida clients in business litigation, real estate litigation, and construction litigation, with a concentration in mold litigation. If the need arises, we represent clients throughout Florida, New York and have appeared in courts throughout the United States.

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