Peeling Back The Onion: Post-2014 Florida Homes Have Wholesale Mold And Water Damage

Nearly one year after we wrote about newly-built Florida homes suffering from chronic humidity and moisture intrusion problems, the extent of the damage caused by this problem is becoming clear.

Newly-Built Florida Homes Have Systemic Mold Problems Due to Code Changes

Newly-built homes throughout Florida are suffering from chronic and systemic humidity and moisture intrusion problems since the 2014 Florida Building Code went into effect.

Mold Controversy in Parkland With Three Home Builders

Three homebuilders, WCI, Toll Brothers, and CalAtlantic, have acknowledged systemic problems with their newly-built homes in Parkland, FL leading to excessive humidity and mold problems.

Rising Trend of Mold Cases Against Florida House Flippers

Real estate investors are choosing profit over disclosure and remediation, and buyers are paying the price with their health.

Construction Defects Lead to Mold Lawsuit in Heron Bay Community

The Parkland, FL community built by WCI Communities is victim to design and construction defects that is causing mold to run rampant.

Heavy Rains And Mold Allergy – an Increasing Indoor Health Danger

The heavy rains in South Florida is of great potential concern for homeowners in coastal areas such as Naples and Marco Island.

Dust Mite Litigation And Personal Injury Claims

Dust mite allergens are considered to be the major biological agent for the development of asthma in susceptible individuals.

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