Peeling Back The Onion: Post-2014 Florida Homes Have Wholesale Mold And Water Damage

In April, 2018, we wrote about newly-built homes throughout Florida that are suffering from chronic humidity and moisture intrusion problems since the 2014 Florida Building Code went into effect.

Now, nearly one-year later, as the onion has been peeled back and wall and ceiling drywall has been removed in these homes, the extent of the damage caused by this systemic problem is becoming clear. We are seeing wholesale mold and moisture damage in every home with which we are involved, in some cases requiring the home to be torn down to the concrete block.

The expense of remediating and restoring these homes is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Early diagnosis and construction retro-fitting is the key. We can help with both. If you or someone you know has noticed surface mold or water staining in a post-2014 Florida home, or has suddenly suffered from upper respiratory health symptoms, this systemic problem is likely the cause. Feel free to contact Scott N. Gelfand, P.A. for more information.

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